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Custom ring


Being authentic is your quality. Pick your design and let us craft your perfect jewelry


Our handmade rings celebrate true craftsmanship from modern and plain design to dedicated involvement of stones or compositions in order to evolve your personal true story whether of love, passion, personal statement that may fit even the most sophisticated taste. This eclectic collection captures the innate beauty of sterling silver, gold, diamonds and semi-precious stones.

Steps of workmanship

  • Step One

    We start crafting your jewellry from a sketch or a photo according to your preferences or desired model.

  • Step Two

    We craft your personalized wax model.

  • Step Three

    We craft your jewellry out of your preffered metal.

  • Step Four

    Fine processing.

  • Step Four

    Choose your preffered stone.

  • Step Six


  • Step Seven

    Your jellewry is ready to collect.

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